Bear Roots Teaching Garden

One of our visions here at Bear Roots is the creation of a medicinal herb teaching garden that is free to the public. We believe that Herbal Medicine is People’s Medicine and everyone should have access to learning about the plants that grow right outside their back door.

We are currently expanding our growing areas which will allow us to transform our current growing space into a teaching garden. This area has been created using all no-till methods with nice walk ways and interesting bed designs so it will make a perfect teaching garden. The goal is to plant each bed based on the Body Systems. So as you walk through the teaching garden you can identify which herbs support different body system such as the digestive, nervous, respiratory, etc.

In order to create an amazing space with sitting areas, bird baths, trellis’, canopies, and information signs about each plant within the body system AND keep it free to the public we would love if you would donate to this project. Any amount will help us towards purchasing the aforementioned items as well as maintaining the gardens. If you would like to donate an amount for a specific item please let us know by email. We will be creating a special area in the teaching garden to thank everyone who has donated.

Stay tuned for pictures of the teaching garden as it unfolds this growing season!

Thanks so much for supporting our efforts to bring more awareness to the healing plants and trees that are growing all around us ­čÖé

Please consider donating by clicking the button below:

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