‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ -Gandhi

The products in the Heart Herb Box are intended for both the emotional and physical health since they are both important for maintaining a healthy heart.

Show your heart some love with the Heart Herb Box!  This Herb Box contains products that can be used daily to strengthen and protect your heart.  Your heart is crucial to your survival so it’s important to keep it healthy and show it some extra attention.

Hand-crafted Herb Products

Our herb products are created using the medicinal plants grown on our farm or wild-crafted from our land.  Made with love & healing energy.                                Free shipping on orders over $100!

Medicinal Plants

Get to know medicinal plants; ones that grow in your own backyard, some that you can plant in your herb garden and others that you may not know are medicinal!

Herb Farm

We are in the early stages of establishing a herb farm and food forest so there is always lots of adventure!   Join us on our journey!

Livin' the Herb Life

Learn how to incorporate herbs into your daily life.  Allow herbal medicine to bring your body into balance while increasing vitality.

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