Organically Grown Herbs

using permaculture & biodynamic practices

Hand-crafted Herbal Remedies

tea blends, oils, salves, tinctures, hydrosols

Fresh & Dried Herbs

gathered by hand or ethically wild-harvested

Herbal Education

workshops, herb walks, webinars & online courses


Learn Easy & Natural ways to Stay Healthy all winter long!

In this education series, you will learn how to prevent cold ‘n’ flus by supporting your immune system, what to do if you feel a cold starting, and learn which herbs to have on hand for sore throats, coughs, fever, upset stomach and diarrhea. We will talk about herbal antibiotics and how to take care of yourself after you have the flu.

Community Supported Apothecary

Bear Roots Forest CSA is a quarterly box of herbal medicines, created for the needs of each season, to help keep you balanced and healthy throughout the year.

Your CSA will include fresh and/or dried herbs, tinctures, teas, hydrosols, salves, oils, culinary delights and more, along with information about the medicinal properties of each remedy and how best to use them. The items in your CSA box will focus on supporting the four seasonal transitions as described below:

Spring- Liver Support, Allergy Care, Renew Body’s Vitality & Inviting Change
Summer- Heart Support, Cooling, First Aid, Balancing, Joy, Grounding & Calming
Fall- Lung Support, Strengthen Immune System, Clearing, Transitioning & Eliminating
Winter- Adrenal Support, Cold ‘n’ Flu, Deep Rest, Renew Strength & Spirit, Reflection & Warming


Nature provides us with a plethora of medicinal plants from which we can enjoy many herbal remedies. Each remedy has different benefits and optimal uses depending on the plant preparation. In this education series, we will take an in-depth look at some herbal remedies, their benefits and for which health concerns they are best used.

When you sign up for this series you will receive an email each day for seven days that contains a 5-10 minute video about the following herbal remedies:

*Introduction Video
*Infusions & Decoctions & Syrups
*Tinctures (Extracts)
*Elixirs & Glycerites
*Oils & Salves


Our products are made with herbs grown on our farm as well as wild-harvested from our land or in our area using sustainable harvesting practices.  All herbs are dried using appropriate methods, all tinctures are made using fresh plant material and our oils are infused using the correct methods to ensure maximum extraction.  Our appreciation for nature flows into all the products we lovingly hand-craft for you.

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